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Aerospace Engineering Companies UK

Aerospace Components
Established in 1947, family business Berck Limited has established an enviable reputation among aerospace engineering companies in the UK. With more than 50 per cent of its production exported, the West Midlands based precision components company continues alongside aerospace engineering companies at home and abroad, while remaining on the very cusp of prototype aerospace engineering companies technology.

Products are exported to China, Mexico, India, Brazil, Egypt, the United States, Dominican Republic and most countries in Europe. Innovative aerospace engineering companies expertise coupled with a lifetime of hands-on experience and a willingness to deliver innovative solutions, has placed BerckÕs, as aerospace suppliers in nearly every assembly operation in the UK and overseas.

Recent years have seen an expansion in interests with rapid growth in aerospace engineering companies, IT, electronics, communications and medical sectors.
From the initial design brief right through to packaging, Berck are among aerospace engineering companies with efficient, cost-effective, comprehensive solutions for clients in all market sectors.

Sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution as aerospace engineering companies remain the bedrock of the company's ethos with customer satisfaction paramount.
Berck is a member ofâ Aerospace - Defence - Securityâ and the Midlands Aerospace Alliance.

As a 1st and 2nd tier supplier to the Automotive Industry Berck Limited have a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience that benefit today's Industry. We have been operating 'lean manufacturing', 'open book costings' and Japanese manufacturing philosophies for many years. These techniques are used to keep costs to the minimum, ensure a high standard of quality and on-time deliveries.
To deliver the exceptional standards of customer service and focus Berck Aerospace is known for, we depend on our team of designers, engineers, technicians, specialists, business and support staff, a well-motivated and highly trained workforce, which delivers great service. We use expert in-house trainers to train and manage the development of our own employees in order to remain recognised as an employer of choice.


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